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Welcome to Alfa Sourcing and Trading Group.

We are trading company with head quarters in South Africa,with partners in US,Asia and Europe.Our goal is to provide top quality products and custom services to our clients,We have grown from a South African company to a global player in the world of agricultural products/Chemicals and Non Ferrous Metals. The key is to offer safe, effective and valuable products to our clients, your success is our focus forever. We source, We retail and distribute on whole sale ventures.Our prices are incredibly competitive. All our agricultural products are DEA complaint and we ship to the USA/EU/Asia/UAE .We strive to bring to you just 100% naturaly sourced from the finest outlets in the markets with no banned chemicals and name..

Premium Quality Products

We have Nuts, Grains, Beans and many more that you will find, ask for anything that when it comes to the above and we will serve you with best quality and moderate prices..
We have Species of all kinds and Oil and Essential  oils that you will not find anywhere are the world, all you need to do is asked and we will send you details..
Here we have products like Copy papers,Energy Drinks, Beer, pet foods, animal feeds, fruits and many more, just send us an email and the details are all yours..

Why Choose Us?

We work in close collaboration with other legitimate and reliable companies for products that we don't have.We have a wide network of partners we source from. Feel free to contact us should in case you are in need of good quality products and moderate prices.

We are here to serve you at all times..

The following positive attributes of our company has earned us immense market credibility..

 * Strong Vendor Base
 * Premium Quality Products
 * World Wide Distribution Network
 * Prompt Transportation Facility
 * Ethical Trading Practices